What colleagues and customers say

"Without Ulrike Wolpers my ARD-"Wissen vor 8"  presentations would be half as entertaining and a quarter as educating." 


Vince Ebert, Science Comedian and TV Presenter

"Ulrike Wolpers made me experience the power and importance of proper science communication for the first time. You might do the best science, but without the right communication you will never reach your goals."


Dr. Anne Christine Brusendorff, General Secretary of the International Council of the Exploration of the Seas (ICES), before: Executive Secretary of the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM)

"Working with Ulrike Wolpers has always been rewarding. I learned a lot from our cooperation. The Federal Ministry for the Environment as well as the International Commissions for the Protection of the Baltic Sea, the Danube River and the River Rhine have benefitted from her journalistic precision, her creativity and linguistic skills."

Dr. Fritz Holzwarth, Rector ad Interim UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education Delft 

"Working together with Ulrike Wolpers has always been inspiring. She is quick-witted, open for new topics, creative and productive. Her media products for the ICPR received a lot of national and international appreciation."

Dr. Anne Schulte-Wülwer-Leidig, General Secretary of the International Commission for the Protection of the River Rhine